Big Spring Brewing proudly brews in Lewistown, a small town located in almost the exact center of Montana, where the easy pace of life is best topped off with a cold beer.

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Big Spring Brewing :: Head Brewer



Our Head Brewer, Aaron Sullivan, is a native Montanan and grew up in Lewistown. After graduating high school, he moved to Missoula for college where he discovered home brewing when a friend purchased a home kit for a stout. Over the coming years, Aaron worked up from kit brews to partial mashes which eventually led to all grain brewing. In 2017, Aaron began formal training to learn the fine art of being a craft brewer and a year later, moved back to Lewistown with his wife and two children to become the Head Brewer for Big Spring Brewing.

What is your favorite beer to brew?
A new one.


What step in the brewing process do you think is the coolest?
Probably fermentation. I like that billions of tiny organisms are capable of turning glucose into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide.


What is your favorite type of beer to drink?
It really depends on the season or what I’m eating, but I’m more than happy to try any and all IPAs.


Do you have a favorite BSB beer?
Our Mayfly Rye.


What do you feel are the three most important things needed to create a quality craft beer?
Clarity, clarity, clarity.


Outside of brewing, what is your favorite hobby and/or activity?
Hiking, camping, and playing with my kids!